A job fair for migrants in Czech Republic

Press Release

Job Fair + Lectorium "How to get to IT?" is the concluding event of the R.I.D.E. digital empowerment for migrant women project held on November 1st, 4 pm - 9 pm by Youth Included at the premises of the partner NGO Czechitas, Prague.

We conceptualized the event not as a regular job fair. In its marketing we emphasized its exclusiveness which consisted in the rare opportunity to contact recruiters and get to know the opposite side of the hiring process and analyze individual cases related to exact job offers.

After deliberate research of the field and mapping of the IT job sector in Prague Youth Included decided to construct the program from 2 major sections: Lectorium and the Job Fair itself. 

The lectorium was a lecture series planned to provide the participants with the insider information from the HRs of the companies for people to get prepared properly for the interviews and to better understand the pool of the opportunities. In addition to working for specific companies, were discussed the ways and sources of finding work in a new environment for migrant women. 

Afterwards, a job fair was held to recruit employees for small and medium-sized businesses.

More than 80 people took part in the event. We were delighted to observe proactive communication and networking processes between the visitors and employers.

After the event, we collected feedback from employers and participants. In addition, we sent the links to useful materials for the participants, such as variants of test tasks for junior positions, sources where you can find out the average salary for a position, and links to training materials to close the gaps in knowledge. In addition, we made a selection of training courses from Youth Included, where they can get basic skills for first steps in a new profession.

Job fair+Lectorium was very positively received both by visitors and the exhibitors. Some of the employers in a personal conversation with us remarked that the format of the event enabled them to have much more informative and private chats with participants. Group guidance was also commended. In some of the feedback forms participants wished that such events were held more often.

Suggested improvements for the next job fair on our part: more staff who would offer language mediation, more extensive and earlier marketing campaigns, a bigger number of employers.We also recommend that before the job fair, we give participants the opportunity to talk to recruiters so that they have a better chance of getting a job.

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