The Booklet of Guidelines is the main reference for the mentoring, coaching, and training activities.

It includes a general description of the activities, how to implement them, how to recruit beneficiaries, a list of the possible challenges, and some examples of mitigation strategies suitable for the target group.

Therefore, it provides schemes and samples to be used during the mentoring and coaching sessions together with practical advice on how to approach the target group.

It defines the parameters for the actions to be implemented in the different countries and the level of flexibility the partners can use when adapting them to the local needs.
The booklet contains the skills assessment tools.

What can you find in the Booklet?


for working with the specific vulnerable target group of migrant women


to use during the mentoring and coaching sessions and hints on how to face specific challenges due to cultural and diversity constraints


on the duration of mentoring and coaching sessions (M&C) as well as information about possible contents and topics

First overview

of the main roles in demand in the digital job market in Europe (references will be taken from several reports with the help of those issued by the Cisco Networking Academy)