The project aims to include migrant and refugee women in the digital labour market by giving them the possibility to re-skill or upskill in the digital sector through specially designed training courses enabling them to start working.

What’s the issue?

The gender perspective is key in designing measures and policies aimed at integrating migrants and refugees into the host society.
Due to the lack of information, the existing policies and structures force migrants and refugees, especially women, into isolation and dependence.

Migrant and refugee women face particular challenges in accessing jobs, from sexism to dependent care.
Refugee and migrant women have a high potential to lead the dialogue and address the social and economic challenge they face.

But these voices have limited platforms to be heard.

Preliminary study

It aims at examining the digital readiness of the countries involved in the project, by giving information concerning the shape of the digital labour market in the country and its relation to migrant women.


Target groups

Migrant women

HR managers/ employers

Teachers/ trainers in charge of guidance support

Career guidance professionals

Trade unions

Local, national, and European policy-makers


The project seeks to include migrant women in the digital labour market, giving them a better chance of providing an income for their families while doing a fulfilling job and feeling more included in the host society, by achieving the following objectives:

Developing a booklet of guidelines

to implement the entire process: bootcamps, training offers, labour market info days and meetings with private companies and social businesses

Recruiting participants

through national Info Days

Individual coaching and group sessions

on social inclusion, women’ rights and labour market integration in the host country

Specific job-related preparation

through ICT training

Contacting and meeting

local and international private and social companies through local Job Placement Fairs

An internship and/or job placement offer

Outputs of the project



of Guidelines


Info Days



mentoring and coaching per country



taking part in training by Cisco or The Code to Change


Interactive crowd-map



attending Job Placement Fairs


Job Placement Fairs


Main event


The consortium is composed of 9 local and international organisations which have worked on migrant-related issues for a number of years.



Diesis Network is one of the widest EU networks specialised in supporting social economy, social enterprise development and social innovation in Europe through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consultancy and advisory services, technical assistance and research. Diesis operates as part of the social economy, associating general interest, economic performance and democratic governance. As a social economy enterprise our main purpose is to serve our members rather than maximise profits. One of our focus is “Equality and rights” which goal is to promote gender based equality and human rights.



UNITEE plays a crucial role in Europe as it is the only organisation representing entrepreneurs and professionals with a migrant background, whom we refer to as « New Europeans »: people who live in Europe but have connections with more than just the country where they live. Through its national federations and member associations, UNITEE represents entrepreneurs and business professionals across European countries and from all the major sectors of the European economy.

European Network of Migrant Women


European Network of Migrant Women is a migrant-women-led feminist, secular, non-partisan platform that advocates for the rights, freedoms and dignity of migrant, refugee and ethnic minority women and girls in Europe. Our diverse membership includes the women from almost all regions of the globe and extends to over 50 grassroots and advocacy groups in over 20 European countries.

The Code to Change

The Netherlands

The Code to Change program aims at bringing together technology professionals with those who are searching for ways to join the sector and update their digital skills. We are dedicated to providing training for new capabilities that will allow our participants to choose from different career tracks in the technology sector, facilitate diversity, and create equality in the workplace. We take pride in the defining aspects of the program; to establish long-term training and support, to be centered on the individual, and to help them acquire relevant skills for finding a well-paid job in today’s digital age.

Litus Novum


Litus novum is a young social start-up that prepares refugees and skilled workers from abroad for the German labour market with counselling and intercultural training and then places them in jobs.



Symplexis is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming at elevating social cohesion, serving the modern needs of populations at risk of social exclusion. In Symplexis, we strive for unleashing our society’s untapped potential so as to bridge the most persistent inequality gaps, combat violence and victimisation and find permanent solutions to the most demanding social challenges of our era. Symplexis’ team invests on social innovation and deploys gamechanging approaches for those most in need, building on strong long-term relationships with our partners across the globe.



Legacoopsociali, established in September 2005, is the National Sector Association of the National League of Cooperatives and Mutual Societies, which groups together the social cooperatives established pursuant to law 381/91 and subsequent amendments as well as the social enterprises established pursuant to Legislative Decree 112/2017 . Legacoopsociali, a non-profit association, represents, assists, protects and coordinates the associated bodies to favor their project, social and business development.

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (established in 1895) is an independent, non-governmental organization for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members, which contributes to the development of international economic cooperation and provides assistance for the European and international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria. The activity of the Chamber is based on the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing. BCCI seeks to establish straightforward and ethical relations among the business circles.

Youth Included

Czech Republic

Youth Included is a youth non-governmental organization, working as an open-space for open-minded, curious and active youth who want to know new people and cultures, learn new things and share their skills, inspire and be inspired. Youth Included is a diverse group of educators, academics, creative young people from different countries, based in Prague, Czech Republic. All of us have different stories of how and why we came over here, but all of us are united with idea to create beautiful things together in Prague.